Vote for Cover of May 2017 magazine

Girls in Pantyhose Magazine May (part 1) issue is coming out soon,
and we’re stuck with decision on WHAT photo must be on its cover?

Both shots that we’ve chosen are nice – they both depict the beauty of a girl in pantyhose.

Please help us decide – what photo should we put on the cover of May(1) issue of pro-kolgotki magazine?

“psst.. I personally like A,
and our designer likes B.
What should we do?”

Anatoly, founder and producer

(click the photo for a larger hi-res image)


pro-kolgotki is the Best Pantyhose Magazine on Earth.

We create solutions that explore femininity and provide unique emotional experience by making the hi-taste photographs with beautiful models that wear luxury pantyhose.

We believe that there’s nothing more impressive, emotional and beautiful than a woman that wears a pair of luxury pantyhose.
We scout for the most beautiful ladies in Russia and Eastern Europe, we create outfits for the session, select best fitting pantyhose that would make-up for a hi-taste outlook. Then we sort the photos, process and retouch them.
And pack them into the Photo collections of beautiful women in luxury pantyhose. Published twice per month.