about PRO-KOLGOTKI project

Hi, I’m Anatoly Borodin, 36 years old, from Moscow, Russia.
I believe that woman in pantyhose is the most beautiful sight in life.
That’s why I started making photographs of ladies in nylons back in 2008, and sharing them in this project with people who respect femininity and beauty.


  • the photographs, videos and artworks offered for purchase on this website
    do not contain: pornography, obscene materials, explicit images. 
    nothing like that, guys. if you want something really explicit – you know where to search. not on this site.
  • this is an artistic and anthropological research dedicated to beauty of women in pantyhose, conducted by Anatoly Borodin since 2008.
  • all photographs are provided in digital form, except for The Book, it is a real physical book with printed photographs.
  • we do not provide model’s personal information: neither real names, nor instagrams/facebooks/whatever-you-call-them.
  • i do not have sex with my models. It is out of my research scope. I love their shapes, I love their emotions. and i adore how pantyhose look on their legs. nothing else.
  • there’s no large team behind this project. Its only me, my camera and my passion towards femininity and hosiery. My good friend Ksenia is helping me with building the magazine issues (making layouts, and creating zip-files and pdf’s for you). Just one man against the whole universe that’s full of prejudgment, envy and anger (don’t ask me why, it’s just like that).
  • i am not a vainglorious man, so i prefer showing my photographs rather than my face. but for the sake of clarity, that’s me on the photo.
  • if you want to support my project: buy the annual subscription wth 55% off and my photo book with 33% off , and I will be sending you my new works all year round.

With comments or questions, reach me at

Best regards,
Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer

Anatoly Borodin, founder of pro-kolgotki.com

Pantyhose is the unbeatable garment that adds-up for a unique outlook of every lady. There’s no other accessory that could provide the same effect with the same cost and amount of efforts.
Just put on a pair of pantyhose – and you’re in completely another league.


We believe that there’s nothing more impressive, emotional and beautiful than a woman that wears a pair of luxury pantyhose.
We want this world to become a better place by exploring the timeless women’s beauty, depicting it and by sharing with the people around the world.


We scout for the most beautiful ladies in Russia and Eastern Europe, we create outfits for the session, select best fitting pantyhose that would make-up for a hi-taste outlook. Then we take photos, process and retouch them.
Then build an issue of the magazine: a ZIP-archive + PDF file + Backstage Video.

Then publish them  here


Photography and Video collections of beautiful women in luxury pantyhose.
Published twice per month.
Each magazine contains over 390 photos + Backstage Video.

24 issues per year include:

  • 9 400 photos in 4000px resolution
  • 40 hours of Backstage Videos


For people with a sophisticated taste who strive to be on the edge of modern arts.
For those who enjoy exploring the femininity in a modern artistic pinup-styled interpretation.




In short:
Stockings are Open Doors.
Pantyhose are Independence.

  • Pantyhose are modern accessory made with the latest high technologies, bearing a function of independence of a woman, while making a vivid accent on her legs and therefore her femininity.
  • Stockings are a relic from the past – bearing social function of ‘offering’ the Feminine Principle in a laced old-fashioned way.

A more detailed explanation below:

the key differences between stockings and pantyhose

The Two Big Differences between Stockings and Pantyhose:

  1. Stockings provide sexualising effect by ‘decorating’ the Feminine Principle in a laced way. The band with laced ornament cuts the legs’ length.
    Pantyhose usually do not have decorations on the hips and make-up the whole leg from toe to waist making legs look holistic and longer.
  2. Stockings provide easy access to the Feminine Principle and keep it open. Combining this fact with the ‘decorating’ effect (see p.1) stockings build the ‘offering’ and ‘easy access’ meaning to the outfit.
    Pantyhose cover the Feminine Principle with nylon texture and comfort gusset (in some models) making the principle ‘hidden’ and therefore eliminates the psychological function of ‘offering’ and ‘easy access’.


We respect and admire the beauty of women, and we often get to the beach with lots of scantily clad women.
However, bare legs have never been a part of good manners and ton.

Of course, at home, on the beach, in the nature bare legs and slippers are absolutely fine. But that’s definitely out of the frames of our interest.


‘Kolgotki’ is a direct transliteration from Russian ‘колготки’ which means ‘pantyhose’.
Since our project has started in Russia, and since there are so many very beautiful women that do wear pantyhose all year round, we’ve decided to reflect those facts in the naming of our project.




for true collectors only: the complete annual archives of the pantyhose magazine PRO-KOLGOTKI at very special prices.

24 issues
9,478 photos
17.4 GB
+ 34 hours
of Backstage Videos

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