399 pantyhose photo – Top-Model Hailey wearing sexy tights – pro-kolgotki April part 2


Introducing PEARL, KSENIA and TOP-MODEL HAILEY new sessions in sheer pantyhose!
Beautiful ladies posing in pantyhose for you:
Ksenia’s Sheer Glossy Pantyhose – 135 photo
Summer Teeny Nylon Style for Hailey – 136 photo
Under Pearl’s Evening Dress – 128 photo
TOTAL: 399 photo of Girls in Pantyhose

girls in pantyhose - pro-kolgotki April 2017 part 2 - introducing PEARL, KSENIA and TOP-MOREL HAILEY sessions in sexy pantyhose

Pantyhose Magazine
pro-kolgotki 2017-04(2)

Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to do with them - Marlene Dietrich
Summer Teeny Nylon Style for Hailey – 136 photos
Young, pure, bright 18-year old Hailey rocks the session stage!
This time we’re experimenting with a teen-style: that ‘too-short’ sky-blue skirt, the green flowered top and a pair of nude sheer pantyhose.
Her posing is flawless, her emotions are pure. Look in her eyes and you’ll see true passion for art and fashion.
Enjoy her full 136-photo session in this issue. Unbeatable!

Under Pearl’s Evening Dress – 128 photos

Introducing the New Top Model of our project – Pearl!
A hot brunette with an angel’s face came by our stage. She’s got curves and works as a model.
See her assembling her outfit for a party – dressing in her favorite blue evening dress, high heels and special control top pantyhose.
See her full 128-photo session in this issue.Ksenia’s Sheer Glossy Pantyhose – 135 photos
Long awaited gorgeous slim girl Ksenia has finally come back to the magazine!
She’s a truly stunning model with perfect shape and ideal slim legs – an ideal match for a pair of luxurious pantyhose.
Enjoy her brand new 135-photo session in shiny super-sheer Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla 15 pantyhose.We first met Ksenia when she turned 18, back in September 2014 for a special session in glossy pantyhose. But one week after she refused to cooperate because she felt too much peer pressure. Her boyfriend and other friends convinced her that posing for a pin-up magazine is wrong, and she listened to them.
Today, two years later, she came back to model for a session, while her full-time job is door sales consultant in Moscow. Selling doors is good, but Ksenia is looking for bigger, more exciting experiences in her life.
When asked if her friends and boyfriend are still against this kind of work, Ksenia answered “I don’t care about someone else’s opinion of my life anymore”.
She wants to further develop her modeling career, and would love to visit New York and Los Angeles for special sessions and events for pro-kolgotki.
It’s great that Ksenia found the strength to follow her own path and stop living somebody else’s life.


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The light blue colour and nude hose are a great choice for Hailey. I wish you'd do more shoots with CdR tights, they have an extensive variety of shades and styles. So many angles to shoot that we'll never run out of sets. Thanks for your work, Anatoly!