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The Spring is coming to Moscow… slowly.

Reporting from Voskresensk town, around 50 mi South-East from Moscow.

The Spring is coming, we can seriously feel its steps. Only -2C (28F) and birds are singing everywhere.

Ask me “What you were doing the whole last month?” and I’ll answer “a pretty wide variety of things connected with PRO-KOLGOTKI project”.

First off, we’ve launched two fantastic issues with beautiful girls in pantyhose: March (part 1) with Top Model Lulu and March (part 2) with gorgeous Emma.
that immediately became bestsellers.

That’s because of Emma’s Video Interview – she made our readers cry hopelessly by stating that she doesn’t wear any dresses and pantyhose in real life. EVER.

For me that was an expected point of view. I’ve been in the pantyhose photography industry for over 10 years by now. I do know that women don’t care about pantyhose, dresses and heels. They seriously have lots of other stuff to care about.

That’s why we have PRO-KOLGOTKI that provides a connection between real beautiful women and real men’s fantasies about femininity. 

Second: I’ve been setting up the New Subscription Page for you guys. It’s now soooo easy to get every new issue of the magazine two times a month. Seamlessly. With no need to come over to our website and purchase every new issue.

Cover of Pantyhose Magazine pro-kolgotki-2018-03(1) with Lulu
March (part 1)
Cover of Pantyhose Magazine PRO-KOLGOTKI 2018-03(2)
March (part 2)

Third: Tax Report for 2017… things that we usually forget when seeing beautiful women in pantyhose, right? lol
Despite I’d love to be only shooting and shooting gorgeous ladies in sheer nylons, there’s a backside of this medal. Accounting is a nightmare, honestly. Especially when you’re not a good mathematician. Although I have to do all accounting and tax reporting myself as have very little funds left. Nobody said it would be easy, I get it completely.

When I hear from some of my customers “you have a dream job” , I try not to laugh loud.
Spending 100% of your days being surrounded by beautiful women in pantyhose is only a dream of a little boy that lives inside of each man.
The reality doesn’t work that way. A photo session is only a tip of an iceberg. The ‘underwater part’ is hard work 24/7.
I forgot when I had vacation last time… wait… probably in Oct 2016 in Florida.
Next vacation is somewhere beyond the horizon. Gotta get the PRO-KOLGOTKI project to new heights first.

And last but not least: I’ve finally set up a souvenir store NowHere+ with posters, phone cases and phone wallet cases for all who love our project.

Your purchase will help PRO-KOLGOTKI grow and keep exploring femininity and pantyhose in the most sophisticated ways.


Other than that, please feel free to contact me and ask any questions. I’ll be happy to see you amongst my subscribers and will be sharing with you all my photographs and videos of

Best regards,
Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer

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