Hailey is one of my best models of the whole project.
She was.
She left the project after I made a mistake: posted her profile on our Instagram

Hailey posing in pantyhose for pro-kolgotki magazine 2017-05(1)

So, her inbox was flooded with Dick-Pics-Sending-Lovers immediately.
She was flattered and disgusted. She told me that this is a perversion and she didn’t want to deal with me anymore.
I told her that those perverts are real humans who just want to see beauty.
I would shoot another vlog post about the definition and meaning of a ‘perversion’ – its all soooo relative and unclear, so that many things that you do everyday can pretty much be named ‘a perversion’. But let’s philosophise on that later.
I’ve even offered her a triple price for her posing, but she said no. Okay, no means no.
These magazines contain all photos of Hailey that I’ve made during our work with here. No more shots coming anytime soon.

She was a very rare girl: real, tender, emotional. I loved working with her, because every her move, every her emotion was beautiful on the photographs.

I know that not all women are naturally beautiful. That’s fine since it’s a photographer’s work to find the inner beauty and to catch it with the camera.
 I’ve worked with over 500 models during last 5 years, and barely 3 or 4 of them were real, natural, holistic creatures, that it was easy to work with.
I don’t blame, I don’t complain.
I’m not perfect myself. Learning how to deal with people. Making mistakes. I bet I wouldn’t look good in the camera. 

Guys, do you realise that showing your dick to a stranger is not interesting?
I really mean it: a Woman is a beautiful creature and everyone would love to explore her body. But a Man is something that’s not interesting to anyone. Especially to 19-year-old girl who’s just graduated from hi-school and only starts her path in life.
I know its impossible to teach people – the lonely elder guys who have nothing to do but to find beautiful girls online and intimidate them with photos of their dicks.
I know its impossible. This is our reality. This is how the world works.
I accept that.

Just moving ahead with the hope that the next super beautiful model I meet wouldn’t be that naive and I would never ever share her profile on my projects pages.

So, if you haven’t seen Hailey’s sessions – look in these issues of pro-kolgotki magazine.

is that a good startup idea – to make a platform that would connect those who want to send pics of their dicks and those who would love to look at such pics and would reply with good words and so on?


Best regards,
Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer