Where do you find your models? – Founder’s blog


“Where do you find models?”
this is the most commonly asked question that I get through pro-kolgotki website and by email.
Honestly, I don’t know what to answer.
The question puts me into confusion.
OK. Let me explain this way:
There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Half of them are women.
And you’re asking me where do I find my models?
Just look around. Humans are everywhere. Every day beside you. Just step outside and they’re there.

Okay, but… But where do you find your models?
I don’t know the answer. I just find them, that’s all.

Oh, wait!
I know the Great Secret of all times!

Women models do exist in my world. I simply have created the world inside my mind full of top models.
The fact that you’re asking where do I get them makes me think that there’re no models in your world.
Because you haven’t created them in your mind.
And that’s OK.

I’m pretty sure there are many things in your world that don’t exist in mine.
For instance, the money.
Where do you find your money?

I’m now looking for thirty grands for a new car, four tooth implants, a vacation, and the ECF procedure…
And have no idea how to find them.
In your world, I’m pretty sure, it’s just a click of fingers.
In mine it’s not.
So, when I’m asking you ‘where do you find money?’ you seem to stuck with the same feelings as I do when you were asking where did I find models.

Just clicking a finger and a hundred of applications are in my inbox. A hundred of applications from top-line models – girls that has just stepped off the covers of PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE.
That’s it.

And you?

Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer