The Problem of Superficial Thinking in Arts & Design – Inspired by GUCCI’s latest campaign


The outrageous extravagant fashion house GUCCI decided to re-create the styling of the cinema of 1970s in their new FW17 collection.
Just think of it – what a deep and exquisite work of mind – not simply “to revive the fashion style of 1970s” but “to re-create the atmosphere of the movies of 1970s”.

(images from ELLE International Edition 17-Aug 2017)read more…

Every little detail got thoroughly worked out: the textures, the color pallettes, the ‘gipsy glitter’, the interiors and even the King-Kong hugging the hairless girl.

The ‘artificialness’, the ‘made of plastic’ styling – the deliberate emphasis on ‘not for real’ expression.

That’s what it takes to CREATE REALLY GOOD THINGS.

GUCCI campaign in ELLE magazine

Guys, the true power of the A-line Fashion Houses is not in the attention to details.
The true power is in the MINDS that are ABLE to invent ideas that deep.

You think you’re intelligent and well educated and almost a genious?
Okay, sit down and create something that has THE SAME LEVEL OF DEEPNESS of thought.

Not just “why don’t we revive the fashion style of 1970s”
“Why don’t we re-create the feelings of a movies of the 1970s”

Feel the difference?

Our common problem nowadays is in the absence of deep ‘several layered’ thinking.
We are superficial.
Our minds are unsound. We are able to create only the short one-level ideas that have no deepness.


Your business idea is superficial. Because you were taught to think unsound and then to add the ‘artificial deepness’ to your ideas.
Sitting down with your Marketing Dept and trying to develop a deeper story behind your product and brand, because you must spark an interest in your Target Audience’s minds or your business will sink. You have to drag them into the ‘story’ and into the conversation.

But since your idea is superficial – what’s there to talk about?
That’s why marketers and PR strategists are so important these days – these are the people who have skills to ‘add the deepness’ to almost any weak idea.

The Chinese, for instance, are very wise because they play no games with their minds. They are honest about their products: “Yes, we produce the low-quality superficial piece of crap that has no deep idea behind, and we are proud of it”.

Now, THAT is the level of wisdom almost unreachable for most Western minds.

To abandon your wishful thinking and accept the truth – it takes A LOT of courage and A LOT of wisdom.

GUCCI campaign in ELLE magazine

GUCCI campaign in ELLE magazine

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While we are Europeans, Americans, the whole Western Civilization – the prevarication is in our blood – we struggle to cheat ourselves and state to this world ‘No I’m not shallow! I am very intelligent, very well educated and very wise!”

COME ON! Calm down.

All the Europeans and Americans who’s got truly deep minds are already working for A-line Fashion Houses.

And the items of those brands are many-times-overpriced for a reason.
The reason is lack of deep thinking minds in the West. Almost a few dozens among the whole civilization.

That’s what I wanted to say.

I, as and entrepreneur and a founder of the fashion related project, strive to add more ‘deepness’ to my works. Because I believe that the really intelligent and beautiful ideas always have layers. Many layers for the sophisticated viewers.
Someday I will learn to create really good things. You’ve got my promise.

What do you think about the lack of deep minds in the West?
Let me know here – in the “Create your own review” section below.

Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer

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