374 pantyhose artworks – pro-kolgotki August (part 1)



Girls in Pantyhose magazine featuring Camilla, Anastasia and Candice posing in pantyhose.

OFF THE RUNWAY, introducing Camilla – 134 photos
CANDICE: WANNA PLAY A HOOKER? (just kidding!) – 118 photos

girls in pantyhose - pro-kolgotki August 2017 part 1 - new photos of CAMILLA, ANASTASIA and CANDICE in pantyhose


Pantyhose Magazine
pro-kolgotki 2017-07(2)

OFF THE RUNWAY – 134 photos
introducing: CAMILLAThe genuine 18 year old runway model Camilla is a girl of my teenage dreams.
I met her at the park, expressed my admiration to her ideal shapes and gorgeous legs, and invited for a special session for pro-kolgotki magazine.
Her outfit is of her own – she made this style with the interesting details: the striped skirt, the fancy open toe heels, and the laced underwear under her pantyhose add the essential spice to the session.THE MODERN VINTAGE by ANASTASIA – 121 photos
This time our best friends from Krasnoyarsk have made something really exceptional. Vlad and Anastasia have created the stunning good ol’ pinup session getting their tastes to unbelievable heights. The red polka dot dress and the sheer glossy Wolford Satin Touch 20 pantyhose compliment Anastasia’s perfect shapes. And that face veil makes the whole style so noble and luxurious.
What to do with this beauty on a sunny hot day?
Simple! Take her to a Siberian lumber mill!
Thank you, Vlad and Anastasia for this absolutely exquisite session!

WANNA PLAY A HOOKER? – 118 photos
starring: CANDICE

Real Women. Real Characters are everything!
The 25 year old veterinarian, Candice has come for the session bringing her strong character with her.
I know that every woman is beautiful, it’s just takes courage to note that beauty and bring it out to the photos.
In my view, Candice is that ‘rage & trash’ kind of girl in the good meaning of those words.
She’s eclectic by her nature. She enjoys the contrasts in her life, and ‘combines the incompatible’ in her outlooks.
Tired of those flawless ideal shaped top-models?
That’s why there was no chance of saying ‘no’ to the kinky ideas of her playing a hooker, and then a crazy teen girl in the opaque blue pantyhose.
Buckle up and enjoy the unusual beauty!

Well, here’s how a real woman looks like. She’s in trouble. She was drinking last night. She’s had health problems (we all sometimes do). She’s in difficult situation with her boyfriend. She is a real mature woman who goes her own path in life. And THAT’S what I wanted to see and to depict.
Not just the outfit. But what’s behind her outlook.
A hooker? Alright, let’s do that! Why not? Life’s short, so beat the hell of this life as much as you can.
I’m bored of the ‘perfectionism’ honestly. That’s why I loved this great session with Candice – it was like a swallow of ice cold water in a hot desert. Refreshing, and got me back to Earth.



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by josepassos on pro-kolgotki 2017-08(1)

gostaria de comprar pelo boleto bancario como fasso para realizar esta compra?? pois nao tenho cartao de credito internacional moro no brasil