pro-kolgotki September 2014

High-School Beauty Ksenia in glossy pantyhose: 59 photo

Ksenia is 18 year-old slim and gorgeous hi-school graduate from Luhansk(Ukraine). We were surprised to find that at school she was an outcast and nobody found her beautiful. This was her main motivation to pose in her classy black mini-dress and luxurious Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 pantyhose. See her full set: 59 photo in 4K ULTRA HD of Ksenia in black dress and Pierre Mantoux pantyhose.

Kate’s Teenage Feeling: 47 photo

Kate is 27, a Sales Manager from Moscow, who was eager to take part in this sexy photosession because she wanted to reassure her femininity. She plays a teen-girl in this session. “I feel like it’s a farewell session to my teen age” she said. See the full session of 47 photo of Kate teen-style in black pantyhose without skirt in 4K ULTRA HD.

Lyudmila in grey tights: 30 photo

Beautiful Lyudmila, a sensual girl with yumy shapes, lives in Krasnoyarsk. She poses in her favourite summer dress and semi-opaque grey pantyhose. Photo by Vlad Gorshkov. See the full session of Lyudmila in grey pantyhose: 30 photo in 4K ULTRA HD.

Maria in CENTRAL ASIAN FUSION: 51 photo

Maria, 26, is emotional girl from Almaty, Kazakhstan, a place of impressive fusion of cultures and mentalities. Maria posing in her green summer dress and shiny Wolford Satin Touch 20 pantyhose. See the full session of Maria in white pantyhose: 51 photo in 4K ULTRA HD.
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