399 photo of Girls in Pantyhose: Christine, Hailey and Freeda showing sexy legs


Beautiful women wearing sexy pantyhose in new issue pro-kolgotki 2017-03(2): Christine, Hailey and Freeda.

girls in pantyhose - pro-kolgotki March 2017 part 1 - Veronika, Lola and Hailey posing in sexy nylons

pro-kolgotki 2017-03(2)

The average man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than he is in a woman with beautiful legs - Marlene Dietrich.
CHRISTINE in Rare Victoria’s Secret Pantyhose – 105 photo
Appearance of Christine the Super-Model on cover of our magazine has done a big buzz last summer. Our fans were demanding more of her sessions and, finally, we’re sharing her new intimate session in white pantyhose by Victoria’s Secret.
Black body and white glossy pantyhose on a perfect feminine shapes of Christine.
Gosh! What can be sexier?
An extremely expensive and rare pair of tights from VS Signature Collection has been generously provided by our long-term fan.

HAILEY’S DOUBLE SESSION in Sheer Nude Pantyhose – 157 photo

Beautiful, energetic, pure girl with touching smile, has just turned 18. And she’s been performing great in terms of what we really wanted to see: a natural pin-up girl with great body shapes and gorgeous shapes that poses like goddess.
Enjoy her extended xx photo session in blue dress and sheer nude pantyhose. Look what’s under them!


Want something really feminine, tender but spicy? Introducing the new perfect model – Adeline – who came for a casting 3 hours late.
She’s not only a model, but an entrepreneur too. She owns a successful modelling agency in Moscow, and enjoys sexy outfits.
When it came to speaking about pantyhose, she admitted that she haven’t thought of them as the most sexy garment. But she has changed her mind after looking at the results of this session.


Olivia’s pantyhose session were published in Feb 2017 issue. And as the session went by, she kept closing more and more. Overwhelmed with tension and anxiety she couldn’t pose any better, and I had to cut it off. Just in order to show you how the project is done, and that by far not all our sessions are successful, we’re sharing these shots. For educational purposes: this is how an anxious insecure woman look like on shots. And no artist can help with hiding or veiling it. Open energetic beautiful women are rare. We have to appreciate them.BONUS #2: CANDICE BACKSTAGE SHOTS
Candice appears to be at the bottom of the top demanded models list, however she’s got real emotions in the shots. She has certain degree of an unusual femininity and sexuality in her sheer nude pantyhose. Despite many of you ask to shoot the most sexy girls on Earth, I still prefer to have a wider horizon by shooting random girls. This, in fact, helps to explore the world of women and learn their variety. Being picky is not the best way to learn something.

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pro-kolgotki 2017-03(2)

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by SonicBoom on pro-kolgotki 2017-03(2)

Thanks for showing us behind the scenes and backstage shots, it really gives us another dimension of your production. Is this the first time you shot Freeda? Her demeanour completely bowled me over. What a great smile and poses, she's an elegant lady. Please ask her to pose again, I'd genuinely like to see more. My compliments.