402 photo of Women in Pantyhose in pro-kolgotki 2017-08(2)

  Girls in Pantyhose magazine featuring STACEY, CAMILLA & KSENIA CAMILLA’S HOT SHEER SUMMER in invisible pantyhose – 137 photos STACEY’S WOLFORDS are too sexy – 133 photos KSENIA’S BEDROOM with opaque fashion tights – 132 photos pro-kolgotki 2017-08(2) 365 PAGES $14.95 or SUBSCRIBE Preview & Download (more…)

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This campaign has ended on 17-Aug 2017 $10 TO EVERYONE enjoy Girls in Pantyhose magazine CODE: FREETEN on orders over $30 USE NOW GREAT NEWS: Automatic Payments are now LIVEThe path of an independent entrepreneur  is challenging and exhausting. During last 3 months I was thinking "should I quit?" for over a...Read More

374 pantyhose artworks – pro-kolgotki August (part 1)

Girls in Pantyhose magazine featuring Camilla, Anastasia and Candice posing in pantyhose. OFF THE RUNWAY, introducing Camilla – 134 photos THE MODERN VINTAGE by ANASTASIA – 121 photos CANDICE: WANNA PLAY A HOOKER? (just kidding!) – 118 photos pro-kolgotki 2017-08(1) 363 PAGES $14.95 or SUBSCRIBE Preview & Download (more…)

Interview with the founder of pro-kolgotki – at Fantasy Stockings

"I am pleased to present this interview with Anatoly Borodin, a photographer and an entrepreneur from Moscow. He runs a popular pantyhose fetish-oriented website pro-kolgotki. It has been 10 years since he started photographing women in pantyhose and he is currently working on publishing a high quality printed photo book...Read More

373 pantyhose photos pro-kolgotki July(2)

Girls in Pantyhose magazine featuring STACEY, ALEXIS and HARPER STACEY’S PEACH DREAMS – 155 photos ALEXIS’ SIMPLY WHITE – 128 photos HARPER’S DRASTIC SUMMER OUTFITS – 112 photos pro-kolgotki 2017-07(2) 378 PAGES $14.95 or SUBSCRIBE Preview & Download (more…)

398 Pantyhose Women photographs – pro-kolgotku July (part 1) issue

  Girls in Pantyhose magazine featuring KSENIA, VERONIKA & ALEX, and gorgeous TIFFANY - ROYAL BLUE FOR THE PRINCESS. Starring: KSENIA COLORS OFF THE RAILS! Starring: VERONIKA & ALEX SILVER ELEGANCE. Starring: Tiffany pro-kolgotki 2017-07(1) 372 PAGES $14.95 or SUBSCRIBE Preview & Download (more…)


We believe that women wearing pantyhose is the most beautiful sight in life! That's why we're self-publishing a Limited Edition Photo Book that is based on over 10 years of research containing the best photographs taken by Anatoly Borodin. The MODELS are EXCLUSIVE to our project, real girls from real...Read More