We believe that women wearing pantyhose is the most beautiful sight in life!
That's why we're self-publishing a Limited Edition Photo Book that is based on over 10 years of research containing the best photographs taken by Anatoly Borodin.
The MODELS are EXCLUSIVE to our project, real girls from real life, not professionals.

the Pantyhose Book pre-order campaign
296 pages
over 300 photos


WARNING: This book contains depictions of the human body as it was created by Nature.
If you are offended by such depictions then simply go watch Disney movies, they're afraid of humans too.

I'm Anatoly, a photographer who believes that women wearing pantyhose is the most beautiful sight in life.
For more than 15 years I've been researching this alluring riddle, testing hundreds of pairs pf pantyhose, learning the hosiery industry on all continents. Completed hundreds of interviews with women of different cultures and ages learning their attitude and wishes towards nylons.

In 2008 my passion evolved and I started making photographs of women in pantyhose.
I'm sharing them with the world at
I've cataloged over 17,000 photographs and continue my research.

Today I'm discovering answers to these questions, and the most important answer is within the photographs.


High Quality Prints - for Timeless Value.

From the today's "single-use-joy" to Timeless Value.

Simulated image. The Book prototype in production.

How often do you look at the photos you've taken  5 years ago?
​I'd say 'never'. Sorry, but it's true.

In digital form photographs are easily forgotten. We save photos in numerous digital storage locations never to be seen again.

On paper these photographs will last. You can enjoy them anytime. Just pick up the book from your bookshelf and recall the emotions.

Real Women, Not Models.

The women in these photographs are EXCLUSIVE to our project. They're real girls from real life, not professionals.
You won't find their faces on the covers of fashion magazines.

These women are accountants, office managers, sales associates that I had a chance to meet in my life.
The concept is to explore real women. See how they treat pantyhose on their legs. Study what they think of their own femininity and how their perception changes during a photography session.

What's Inside of the Book

The high resolution photographs of women in pantyhose that I've been creating since 2008 till Feb 2016.

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The Team

My passion helped me find great talented people who have joined the project and love the idea of making this world a better 'pantyhose place'.

Here's is our team:

Constantine Kurbatov
Financial and Strategic Advisor
Moscow, RU

Kseniya Khmel
Post-Production Designer
St.Petersburg, RU

Steven Blaine
Language Advisor
Detroit, MI
Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer
New York, NY

Every project has it's difficult parts. Here are the risks that we think of:

COLOURS. The colour reproduction in printing is always a big challenge. Although we do our best to make the perfect prints, the actual prints might not have the same colour shades that you see on your screen;

PRODUCTION DELAYS. Depending on the printing facility's workload, the printing may get delayed by several days or a week. We will keep you informed about any changes of our schedule;

DELIVERY DELAYS. It happens that parcels get lost or severely delayed. To solve that we will have a tracking umber for your order. And if you don't get your order and the tracking information confirms that, we will do a full refund.

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All models on the photographs displayed on this page and on the photographs included in the The Women in Pantyhose Photo Book were over 18 years old at the moment of shooting.

All photographs displayed on this page, and all photographs included in the The Women in Pantyhose Photo Book are produced by Anatoly Borodin.