Girls in Pantyhose 399 photo in pro-kolgotki February 2017 part 2


Hailey, Anastasia and Veronika wearing pantyhose for you!

girls in pantyhose - pro-kolgotki Feb 2017 part 2 - Anastasia, Hailey and Veronika posing in sexy nylons

pro-kolgotki 2017-02(2)

Contents of pro-kolgotki February 2017 (part 2) photo magazine on girls in pantyhose:

All models participate at own will, 2257 compliant, and aged 18 or above at the moment of shooting.
Retouching, layouts, publishing and promotion:
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The word for the day is: legs. The phrase for the day is: Spread the word. — Major Mac Pecan. Ray Palla, Simple Triple Standard

Hailey's Double Session in pantyhose - 181 photo. Anastasia's Hot Siberian Summer - 120 photo in nylons. Top-Model Veronika's Sexy Dance Body and sheer Wolford tights - 98 photo

Hailey’s Double Session – 181 photo
Beautiful, energetic, pure girl with dazzling smile. Hailey has just turned 18 and she wants to show not only her perfect body and ideal legs, but her posing and acting skills.
Among the numerous beginner models out there, she stands out with her sincere emotions.
Hollywood is green with envy!
We couldn’t hold Hailey’s photographs for too long on our hard disk.
Enjoy her Double Session with two different parts of pantyhose:
107 photo in warm pink semi-opaque Calzedonia tights
+74 photo in luxury green shade Wolford Neon 40

Anastasia’s Summer Flashback – 120
One of the most loved models and the long-term contributor to pro-kolgotki project Anastasia is 21 years old. Living in Krasnoyarsk city she enjoys posing in sheer luxury pantyhose.
This session has been kept in secret since last hot Siberian summer, mainly because Anastasia is posing in pantyhose only (yes, without underwear).
Enjoy her exclusive spicy shots in sheer white Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 pantyhose.

Photographs by our good friend and a long-term contributor Vlad Gorshkov, Krasnoyarsk.

Veronika’s Sexy Dance Body – 98 photo
Veronika is simply gorgeous. A Russian Top-Model that has been featured in Playboy, Maxim and other men magazines has first appeared on the cover of pro-kolgotki back in November 2016.
Veronika is 19 years old, she’s looking forward to the international modelling career, and pro-kolgotki is her first step towards the global audience.
Her young slim ideal model’s shapes are perfectly accented by a black plain dance body, and a pair of luxury Wolford Sating Touch 20 pantyhose.

pro-kolgotki 2017-02(2)