Digital Magazine on Women in Pantyhose


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Wow, hello! Lola knocks me flat. What a great outfit and I truly appreciate how her eyebrows accent her face. Amazing poses, it really takes me to another place. She is a true woman. The set with the fur coat is also rare, it would be nice to see another one again. Great combination for Candice with the sheer tights and what an amazing fancy dress. This issue is definitely in my Top 5, keep it up!
Anatoly's photography is always sublime, classy and well put together. A true passionate photographer that create month after month some of the finest image sets anywhere. Well worth supporting!
This is magazine has always beautiful models and adorable, quality tights, each photo has magic effect and you want watch and watch all the time, because that man love what he do. What i want say about last issue , this is high quality work, and adorable woman on cover.
The cover of this issue really caught my eye. Very alluring pose and I like the heels for Lola's outfit. Adeline is always a pleaser and I especially like the black and white promo shot of her on the lounge chaise with her legs. Her nail polish and lipstick accent that shot to make it look good for me. Very artistic as usual.