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Details in model’s appearance in pro-kolgotki magazines:

#1. KATE was featured in April 2016(1) and May 2016(1)

#2. PAOLA was featured in February 2016(1), March 2016(1), April 2016(2) and May 2016(1)

#3. ANASTASIA was featured in June 2015, August 2015, January 2016 and March 2016(1)

#4. ELANORE was featured in February 2016(2) and March 2016(2)

#5. ELIZE was featured in October 2014, November 2014 and December 2014 and really wants to get back;)

A short video on retouching photos of girls in pantyhose
for pro-kolgotki May-2016 (2) magazine (coming on 15-May)

Music: Offspring – One Fine Day
(I just love their music – it’s an anthem of our generation born 1980-1990)

Did you know that women are always deeply concerned about their own attractiveness?
Even the ‘super-top-models’ tend to think they’re not beautiful.
I’ve learned that on practice: when invited very beautiful girls for the session and started talking to them – I found 90% of them think they’re ‘ugly’ and ‘have huge butt’ etc… I found that this is a purely Social Issue: their environment told them they’re ugly. One girl told me her stepfather kept telling she’s got ugly huge butt. Another girl told me her classmates were mocking her because of her ears… etc.
A girl’s outlook always relates to how she feels – it’s an obvious connection.
The whole f&cking society is responsible for having that many ‘ugly-feeling’ women around.
Its the society that told them to hide their true femininity. Its all of us somehow push girl’s self-esteem down to the Titanic’s current location.
What I do in my sessions is helping girls reassure their femininity.
Most of them looking at photos tell me they didn’t realise they could be so beautiful and sexy.
I work with models since like 2006, and love exploring their inner feminine fire.
Surprisingly, again, over 90% of girls do not have a clue what’s their own femininity.
A lot of work from my side is involved: looking at a girl’s body, noticing her strong and weak points, choosing the right outfit, top, dress, skirt length, type of heels, color and texture of pantyhose. Then working with face: selecting and applying the right make-up, the right form of hair to accent her neck etc.
I tried putting all these tasks on a model’s shoulders – and found, again, they have absolutely no clue what fits them and what doesn’t…
I feel myself a fashion couturier who works out the full outlook of the girl before the photo session.
And I enjoy that.
founder and producer

Is it the society\'s fault that many women have low self-esteem?

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pro-kolgotki Pantyhose Magazines TOP List

Managing your own small-to-medium business alone is far not easy task.
I’ve been through so many challenges and failures, so that I have somehow developed a psychological immunity to all the daily upcoming difficulties.

We’ve been analysing our success story, and found interesting facts:
– We’ve got 44 magazines (including amateur packs);
– Top 10 magazines take 49% of all sales;
pro-kolgotki Jan-2016 magazine is the most popular and most liked by our customers, since like forever. It occupies 6.5% of all our sales since the project was founded in Jan 2013;
– the second place in the Top List is taken by pro-kolgotki June-2015 magazine.
Here are Top-5 pro-kolgotki magazines that occupy 27% of all sales:

Surprisingly, the less demanded magazines are:
pro-kolgotki April 2014
pro-kolgotki March 2014
pro-kolgotki February 2016 (part 2)

So, I’ve been thinking over the reasons of low success of these magazines. Probably the Feb-16(2) is too revealing. So that the customers (You) would like to see some more humbleness and to explore the beauty further by themselves.

At another hand, Mar-14 magazine cover is no way ‘too revealing’, and it still in the top-3 lowest sellers of all times…

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# magazine sales share
1 Jan-16 6,5%
2 Jun-15 5,3%
3 Oct-14 5,2%
4 Aug-14 5,0%
5 Sep-15 4,9%
6 Jul-15(3) 4,8%
7 Jul-15 4,7%
8 Dec-14 4,4%
9 Aug-15 4,1%
10 Oct-15 4,1%
11 Dec-15 4,0%
12 Sep-14 4,0%
13 Nov-15 3,7%
14 Nov-14 2,8%
15 Feb-16(1) 2,5%
16 Jul-15(2) 2,4%
17 Jul-14 1,7%
18 May-14 1,4%
19 Jun-14 SP 1,2%
20 Jan-14 1,2%
21 Feb-14 1,1%
22 Mar-16(2) 1,3%
23 Mar-16(1) 1,1%
24 am-Jan-Tr 0,8%
25 Feb-16(2) 0,3%
26 Mar-14 0,3%
27 Apr-14 0,3%
I’m going around this riddle trying to determine the reasons of the most and less popular issues.
From what I see at a first glance: the cover image and wording is essential part of success.
On another hand, the cover design does not guarantee 100% success.
What are your thoughts on this?
Any ideas or suggestions on the above? Comment here or drop me an email: sales(at)

Best regards,
founder and producer

Amateurs: Janice MEGA PACK 321 PHOTO

Amateur girls in pantyhose photography

Janice in pantyhose
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resolution: 2500px
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