Campaign for Women in Pantyhose Beauty

Hi, I’m Anatoly – founder and producer of project.
I believe that women in pantyhose is one of the most beautiful sights in life.
That’s why I spent over 10 years on researching this phenomena and 5 years on making over 17 000 photographs.
Now the 296-page book with the best shots is coming out.

Pantyhose make up for great style, accenting the femininity and providing enhanced aesthetics to the whole outlook. This makes a big emotional impact on everyone allowing to enjoy beauty in everyday life.

the Pantyhose Book pre-order campaign
The pre-order campaign will start on 15-June 2017.
The Team

Kseniya Khmel
Post-Production Designer

Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer
WHY we do it?

We believe that there’s nothing more impressive, emotional and beautiful than a woman that wears a pair of luxury pantyhose.
We want this world to become a better place by exploring the timeless women’s beauty, depicting it and by sharing with the people around the world.

We are now working hard to create the first prototype of the Book.
Stay tuned :)